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Speed up the process of gaining financial clarity and building generational wealth with an intensive 90 minute financial session.


1:1 Coaching.


Access current financial situation.


Calculate financial position.


Set S.M.A.R.T financial goals.


Learn strategies for goal implementation.


Introductions to other professionals.

Intended Outcomes:

Clarity on current financial situation, position, goals, and next steps.

Lakrisha Davis, MBA
Founder Lakrisha Davis & Co.

"I highly recommend Eric for financial coaching. He is the GURU I wish I had from the start of my business.

My experience with Eric was amazing, from intake to delivery. The prep work Eric prompted me to complete prior to our session brought about much financial clarity. Right off the bat, the exercise enlightened me to my financial situation on a surface level.

Then, the call… Eric presented a financial dashboard regarding my current state of finances along with my net worth. He then provided pertinent financial education, which taught me a lot. Finally, he wrapped up with financial goal-planning and suggestions. He even took it a step further and offered growth, investment, and passive income strategies to fit my goals. Overall, we were able to come up with a reasonable game plan to take me to 7 figures ASAP. With Eric’s help, I might get there in the next year or 2.

Expertise aside, Eric has a comforting demeanor to make you feel completely comfortable for such a sensitive conversation. Additionally, Eric is organized, a strategic thinker, and without a doubt an expert on finance.

I assure you, Eric will not disappoint. If you want to become a millionaire, you want to hire him as your financial coach."

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